Outdated Kitchen?
Not Anymore.
Our New
Stainless Kitchen

Superior Performance levels and
Sophisticated Elegance

Our modern kitchen meets innovation that brings you lifetime guarantee. A total definition of satisfaction and a description of Quality is not expensive. It's Priceless!

Door Technology

Whole Door Technology
Angle Beautifully & Durable

Aluminum Honeycomb Reinforcement

Every panel used in our Stainless kitchen are reinforced with Aluminum Honeycomb. Gives you a full support, durability and long lasting performance. 

T-type Hanger for Maximum Support

Our Stainless Kitchen uses Stainless T-type hanger for all wall Cabinet Display to provide superb performance with its maximum available weight capacity of 250 kg. Ensures the safety and durability.

Adjustable Shelves

All of our Stainless kitchen cabinet are equipped with adjustable shelves that provides you a maximum space storage capacity depends on your purpose.

Extensive Range of Design

One of its outstanding features of Rotheim Stainless Kitchen is its wide range of design that fits your preference and motifs. It’s not your ordinary stainless kitchen but it’s your dream kitchen comes to reality.

Stainless Kitchen
Priceless Features .


Enormous characteristic of every stainless kitchen that satisfies you.

Easy to Clean

Easy ease of cleaning leads to an advantage for more productivity and easy maintenance.


Elegant and anti-aging stainless kitchen that can go along with different themes, style and motifs.


Our stainless kitchen also cares about your health. Every materials used are performed to preserve health.


In terms of performance, it ensures high durability ideally withstand different work purpose.


Innovation with sustainability.